Every achievement deserves a reward!

Available Positions

Job TitleDepartmentLocation
Devops Engineer in an SF Tech CompanyEngineeringNegotiable, Multiple Countries
Mid Level Backend Engineer for an SF Tech CompanyEngineeringNegotiable, Multiple Countries
Senior Backend Engineer for an SF Tech CompanyEngineeringNegotiable, Multiple Countries
Account Executive in SFSalesSan Francisco, CA
Backend EngineerEngineeringSan Francisco, CA
ControllerFinance and OperationsSan Francisco, CA
Devops EngineerEngineeringSan Francisco, CA
HR & Recruitment ManagerGeneralSan Francisco, CA
Kiip Me in MindGeneralSan Francisco, CA
Lead UI EngineerEngineeringSan Francisco, CA
Senior Backend EngineerEngineeringSan Francisco, CA
Senior Devops EngineerEngineeringSan Francisco, CA
Account Executive in NYCSalesNew York, NY

About Kiip

The vision for Kiip has always been simple: every achievement deserves a reward. Let’s create a network where everyone wins: while you play a mobile game or use a mobile app, you could be rewarded with the brands you love. As an app developer, you are able to make money while retaining your users. And if you’re a brand, you’re able to reach people in moments of happiness while being able to help them make those moments better with rewards that you sponsor or provide.

In short, Kiip is the rewards network for the world. We’re building this out to be absolutely massive. We want Kiip to be a part of everybody’s lives. We need amazing people like you to join us on this journey.

Kiip is also backed by world-class investors including True Ventures, Hummer Winblad, Verizon Ventures, and Crosslink Capital.

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